The Company manufactures precision field portable optical light measurement instruments. SpectraCine Professional light meters for the motion picture and video photography; Spectra CineSpot spotmeter for screen brightness and display measurement for theaters and review rooms; Spectra Candela photometers and spotmeters are designed for measurements in the industrial lighting field; Spectra Filmgate photometer for the film laboratories; Spectra Traffic Signal Light Tester or LED degradation meter for the traffic and transportation safety and Spectra PhoRad-Candela radiography meters are designed to control the lighting conditions under which radiographs and images are viewed and interpreted.

Spectra instruments have been the industry standard and the choice of professionals for the past 60 years and
have received several international Engineering Awards. More info...


new! Radiography meter

NDT/QA Meter.  Medical imaging at Diagnostic Imaging departments.  More info....





Spectra Professional IV-A  Internationally Acclaimed Industry Standard

Spectra Candela-II hand-held photometer, spotmeter system

Spectra Candela TSL, field portable LED degradation and Traffic Signal Light Testers

Spectra CineSpot Spotmeter  measures screen brightness, uniformity, etc.

                     Spectra Cine Products are Made in USA                                                                

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Spectra Laboratories can provide NIST traceable calibration
  and repair services for your instrument.

Spectra color contrast viewing filters for film and video.

  Spectra Light Meters for Video
How to determine exposure index of a video camera.
Light meter versus picture monitor.

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