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Spectra Candela II Photometer Spotmeter System

Ambient  & One Degree Spot Measurement


Spectra Candela II Photometer

Model C305



Applications: Theater Lighting, Screen Brightness Measurement, Display Measurement  


Spectra Candela IIA- SP Photometer
Model C310
"Photometer Spotmeter System"


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             The Spectra Candela II (Model C305) is a compact and easy to use light meter provides an easy, economical means of making highly accurate measurement of indoor and outdoor light levels. Measures foot-candles, lux. Measurement results displayed on Electroluminescent backlit custom liquid crystal display (LCD).

The Spectra Candela II-A (Model C310) is an advanced portable, hand-held photometer, spotmeter system. The Candela II-A can also measure foot-candles /lux and instantly calculate  contrast ratio and the average of your particular lighting situation. Additionally when the one degree PhotoSpot accessory is attached the luminance measurements are displayed from 0.1 to 70,000 foot-lamberts or cd/m2.

Illuminance and luminance measurements are in  foot-candles, lux and foot-lamberts or cd/m2.

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        o  Screen Brightness and Uniformity   

        o    Contrast Ratios  

        o    Stray Light And Surround Brightness

?n style='font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"'>         FOR :

               o     Movie and Slide Projection Systems 

        o   Television Monitors 

        o     Set Lighting


         TYPE: Hand-held Photometer for measuring illumination intensity and luminance/
brightness measurements with 10 PhotoSpot attachment.

           TECHNOLOGY: Dual stage front end op-amplifier, custom sealed hybrid integrated circuitry, multiple range linear circuit  controlled by microcomputer and custom back-lit liquid crystal display for highest accuracy and reliability. Ultra-stable silicon detector.

            COSINE CORRECTED: Cosine correction is accomplished by using a specially designed white molded plastic diffuser receptor. The diffuser provides cosine correction to a high degree of refinements; thus the detector correctly evaluates the light intensity regardless of direction.

As a beam of light is titled so that it strikes a surface at an angle, the area covered by the beam increases. Since the amount of light in the beam remains constant, the illumination on the surface decreases. This decrease is proportional to the cosine of the angle, which the incident beam makes with a perpendicular to the surface.

The meter reading of a fully cosine-corrected light meter represents the true illumination of the light receiver regardless of the angle from which the light approaches. Cosine error is +/- 1%. See Cosine Corrected curve for candela II photometer.

Computer selected glass filters are designed to match the meter's detector response to the CIE photopic response (human eye response), which defines the eye's sensitivity to color. The combined spectra response is the product of the filter's transmission and the spectral responsivity of the detector. The photopic response of the photometer matches the CIE standard observer curve response to within 2.5% of the reading when using a standard tungsten source at 2856?r>
 MEASURING CAPABILITY: Measures illuminance level in foot-candles (fc) and lux (lx); luminance measurement with PhotoSpot in foot-lamberts (fl) or cd/m2.

             Light Sensor: Silicon Photodiode with V (λ) filter.

      ILLUMINANCE LEVELS: 0.1 to 70,000 fc and 1 to 100,000 lx.

        *LUMINANCE LEVELS: 0.1 to 70,000 fl or cd/m2 (with 1?an class=SpellE>PhotoSpot accessory).

               MEMORY: Can store up to two readings in meter memory with store/ recall switch.

               repeatability: +/- 0.2%

         *CONTRAST RATIO: Calculates ratio of two readings from l.0:l to 999:I. in fc or fl.

        *AVERAGING: Average of multiple readings and or continuous averaging in foot-candle or    foot-lamberts modes are made possible.

         ACCURACY: +/- 5% of the full-scale value, when measuring blackbody sources.

        CALIBRATION: Calibration is traceable to the National Institute of Standard Technology (NIST). NIST traceable calibration certificate included.

         LAMP: Electro-luminescent lamp for viewing displayed measurements at very low light levels.

       TEMPERATURE RANGE: For maximum accuracy 32?130? 0?55?br>  

         POWER SOURCE: One 6 volt battery #A544, PX28L, PX28.

         DIMENSIONS: 5 ?t; X 2 ?t; X 2". Weight 6 ounces.

       WARRANTY: One year limited warranty.

        All Spectra II-a meters are supplied with : Photodisc (cosine corrected for key or directional light), Leather carrying case, Neck-strap, 6-volt battery, NIST traceable calibration and Certification, Instructional manual and Warranty card.

All Spectra Candela II A- SP meters are supplied with: Candela IIA Illuminance photometer, Luminance one degree PhotoSpot spotmeter all supplied in attractive, sturdy foam-lined protective carrying case with space for accessories, Instruction Manual, NIST traceable calibration and Certification and Battery.



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Spectra Candela II meter with Detachable Sensor Head
Spectra Candela II and Candela II-A Meters can be ordered with a Detachable Sensor Head with up to fifteen feet of cable extension for remote light measurement.

Spectra Candela II meter with Lowlight Sensor Head
Spectra Candela II and Candela II-A Meters can be ordered with a Lowlight Sensor Head which extends the meter measuring range up to ten times for very low light level measurement. See factory for details.

    Spectra 1˚ Photospot Attachment (Model No. PS305)
The Spectra One degree PhotoSpot is a unique optical accessory that converts your Spectra Candela II-A into a high-sensitivity one degree Spotmeter for narrow-angle reflected-light measurements. Readings are displayed from 0.1 to 70,000 foot-lamberts in the luminance mode.


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