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“Display Technology, NDT/QA testing Procedures and Standards” by Nasir Zaidi of SC Inc., Burbank CA.


Control the Lighting Condition Under Which Radiographs and Images are Viewed and Interpreted:

Spectra Candela PhoRad Photometer model SC-820 is essential for quality assurance of medical imaging at Diagnostic Imaging departments in hospitals and clinics.

This innovative, hand-held radiographic optical instrument is a completely portable, battery powered auto ranging photometer designed to measure light intensity of medical diagnostic imaging displays, film viewing boxes, viewing port, image monitors, collimator light field and etc. Photometer reads directly in candelas per meter squared (cd/m2) and nits. 

Also to optimize image contrast, it also measures the ambient background illumination falling on the viewer surface in lux (lx), as set forth in the new standards outlined in the Standard Practice for Radiographic Examination ASTM E-1742-08. (more)

Internationally Accepted Test Pattern to analyze Diagnostic Imaging Displays:

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) has specified test pattern for display monitors. The SMPTE pattern has among other things 11 different grey scale areas to measure the luminance values of the display.

SMPTE Recommended Practice. Specifications for Medical Diagnostic Imaging Test Pattern for Television Monitors and Hard-Copy Recording Cameras, RP 133 - 1991.

*Scope: This Practice describes the format, dimensions, and contrast required to make diagnostically significant measurements of the display and camera system resolution for both digital and analog monochrome signal sources. The practice provides users of medical diagnostic imaging systems with a comprehensive test pattern for day-to-day operational checks and adjustments of focus, brightness and contrast , resolution response, mid-band streaking, uniformity, and linearity of viewing monitors and hard copy recordings. This practice is not intended to create a standard for image characteristics such as resolution, geometry and linearity, uniformity, phosphor defects, etc. However, use of the pattern is encouraged as an appropriate tool for evaluating the measurement and specification of such image characteristics. 

*SMPTE Recommended Practice RP 133-1991













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