Accessories for Spectra Cine Products


The Spectra One degree photospot is a unique optical accessory that converts your Spectra Professional IV-A into a high-sensitivity one degree Spotmeter for narrow-angle reflected-light measurements. Readings are displayed in reflected f/stop or in footlamberts in luminance mode.





Spectra Viewing Filters permit visual judging and interpretation of a scene by compressing the scene’s brightness contrast-range to that of the film. Because the contrast-range of color film is shorter than that of panchromatic film, two types Viewing Filters are available – one for each emulsion. It is, of course, most important that the correct VIEWING FILTER be used with the film for which it is designed.


LA-2000-14 Luminance Adapter

Luminance Adapter modifies the angular response of the Candela II to 14°it is designed and calibrated to measure the surface luminance and radiance of led clusters, back-lit sources or CRTs. It measures directly in footlamberts or  cd/m2.


SA-2000-1 Spot Attachment

Spot Attachment is a unique optical accessory that converts the Spectra Candela II into a high- sensitivity 2° or 5° Spotmeter for narrow-angle reflected-light measurements. The Spot Attachment enables you to make accurate luminance measurements of distant subjects particularly useful for making accurate subject contrast or ratio measurement. The Spot Attachment features a bright, erect, wide-field (12°), life-size optical system. A sharp reticle in the eyepiece accurately defines 2° or 5° measuring field.



CR-2000 Cosine Receptor

The Cosine Receptor is specifically designed for cosine-corrected illuminance/ irradiance measurement. Specially designed white molded plastic diffuser receptor, the diffuser provides cosine correction to a high degree of refinements; thus detector correctly evaluates the light intensity regardless of the direction.




LR-2008 (4", 2", 1.5",.205") LED Receptor

LED Receptors are accessories calibrated for LED and LED cluster measurement of axial luminous intensity (candlepower). The unit of measure is also called "candela". The full-scale sensitivity range of the Spectra Candela II with LR-2008 is 10 -1 to 10 5 candelas. The Receptor consists of a 12-inch long black aluminum anodized tube with an LED (LED cluster measurement) port on one end and a hemispherical shaped diffuser at the other end. The diffuser end attaches to the front of the Candela II's detector head assembly. Other adapters can be provided for specific custom configuration.



LI-20008 & LI 200012 Light Integrator

Light Integrator assembly is designed to measure LED intensity in order to keep track of LED degradation of the traffic signal modules. Light Integrator is geometrically shaped design (hemispheric shape). The inner side of the Light Integrator is white diffused Reflectance Standard material and an opaque diffuser assembly is attached on the front end. Light Integrator integrates and/or averages the effect of all the LED’s intensity and weighs them proportionally. Rear port of the Light Integrator attaches to the Spectra Candela’s detector head assembly. The front end of the Light Integrator fits flush against and totally covers the traffic light module to be measured.


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